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Sea Cargo

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Sea cargo Services

Are you planning to return to Pakistan? Do you want to send some stuff to Pakistan from Dubai? Have you been planning to do sea shipping from UAE to Pakistan? But struggling to find a trustworthy Pakistan cargo service in the UAE? Look no further. Regardless if you’re delivering household items to your family, sending important mid-weight items, or fulfilling Pakistan’s countless customer’s demands of International branded products, We’re here to assist you with your sea cargo to Pakistan service. We’ll ensure that your bundle turns up to your doorstep safely and timely. Sea cargo is the most cost-effective approach to deliver commodities to Pakistan UAE. Ocean freight involves loading goods into storage containers and then installed onto a ship. Considering the fact that an average sea cargo container incorporates 18,000 weight, this is actually the main reason as opposed to air cargo to Pakistan, Ocean shipment is substantially inexpensive. Apart from cost-effective, It certainly is secure as more than 90% of all the globe’s trade is carried by sea – and even more in certain regions.

How long sea cargo takes?

Despite the fact that sea cargo is cheap, when comparing to Air cargo it does take considerable days. Our ocean cargo typically takes somewhere between 25 to 40 days except in cases where unexpectedly natural misfortune makes the matter undesirable.

Why Pakistan Cargo Express

We have proven record of successful delivery through out Pakistan

Free Pickup service in Abu Dhabi for cargo to Pakistan

Free Pick Up Service

Transport is Free

Our Free cargo Pickup service covers most of the Abu Dhabi City area As you will confirm the booking and share the location, we will arrange the pickup within a day to send your items to Pakistan.

Door to Door Cargo in Pakistan - get your items at your door step in Pakistan

Door to Door Cargo in Pakistan

Get your cargo at your door step anywhere in Pakistan within a month.

Packing service for cargo to Pakistan, the good packing is crucial for the safety of the cargo

Packing Services

Packing is the most important part for the safety of cargo items. Our professional team can pack Furniture, Electronics, Applainces, Boxes and all different types of items to make sure it is Safe to ship. (T&C Apply).

We are a team of logistics professional worked in Top 10 global logistics companies. We can help to move from one Box of cargo to Full container every where in Pakistan. We love to help

Professional Team

We are a team of logistics professional worked in Top 10 global logistics companies. We can help to move from one Box of cargo to Full container every where in Pakistan. We love to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

There's no fix time but It usually takes a month to reach. The operational time start from Abu Dhabi, Jebel Ali Port, Karachi Port, Customs clearance and transportation within Pakistan takes time.

yes , we do have pick up, packing and delivery services.

Yes, we have professoinals who can dismential and pack all kind of items.

Not at All

Its not a Free service and it is necessary for the safety of your cargo. Do not go for free packing as your cargo can be damage with such cheap or free packing.

Nothing is free in this world.

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